Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

This description is designed to give you some idea of what Emotional Freedom Techniques are and how they can be used within a psychological therapy.

What is EFT or tapping ?

EFT is a therapeutic technique that makes use of the body’s natural calming response.

It involves tapping on acupuncture points on your hand, face, torso and head with your own fingers, whilst holding in mind the thought / feeling / image / memory or sensation that you want to gain relief from.

What can EFT be helpful for?

This technique has been found to be helpful with a variety of unpleasant, uncomfortable or distressing feelings.

Many people have found that it has helped them to relieve strong emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness or guilt.

It can be helpful both with feelings that would be expected to ease naturally over time and also with long established feelings (such as phobias or post traumatic stress).

EFT as a self-help strategy

With some instruction from a qualified EFT practitioner it is possible for anybody to make use of this technique as a self-help strategy for themselves.

EFT as part of a Psychological Therapy

EFT can be combined with other types of talking therapies to work with your therapist on the difficulties you may be experiencing.

It is a gentle technique to process traumatic experiences and to lessen troublesome emotions.

What clients say about the EFT they have learnt :

“Easy to master and can be used to clear your mind and help you to relax”.

“I was surprised as to how relaxed and at peace I felt after my first session”.

“I was able to find the ‘underlying’ reasons for my feelings at that time ie sadness, anxiety.“